2018 International Songwriting Competition Semi-finalist
With the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting contests in the world, the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) is a huge contest that attracts some of the best professional and amateur songwriting talent from around the world. "Katy Perry is in My Closet" was a semi-finalist in this annual competition.
From the moment you put this album on, you'll be distracted. Although the music will be playing, you will be constantly tweeting and posting on your iPhone because that's the kind of person you've become. No... wait. You are an Android person, right?


At some point, your phone will ring, but you won't answer it because you don't recognize the number. I get it. Shame though. It was someone calling with your dream job offer. No worries. They'll move on to the next candidate, a girl named Bev in Schenectady, NY who will take the position but complain about it non-stop. It is not her dream job.

You'll be vaguely aware that the music you are listening to can't seem to decide on a genre. This will leave you with a strange, unsettled feeling for the rest of the day. You'll tweet, "feeling unsetteld.." You misspelled unsettled.

Around about the time the sixth song is playing, you'll suddenly think of your childhood friend Sophia. You'll have no idea why she inexplicably popped into your head, but you'll wonder how she's doing and if she's happy. She's married now with 3 kids and goes by her middle name Louise because she got into some trouble with creditors right out of college. She thinks she's happy. She inexplicably popped into your head because the sixth song mentions "Sophie" twice.

Eventually the album will finish but will start over at the beginning again because you have it on repeat. You won't realize that it's been repeating until you hear the song about Katy Perry for the third time.

In 5000 years, the archeologist will find no evidence that you ever listened to this music... or that you even existed at all.