Space Available
(Drop a Thurdy CD somewhere cool and take a photo!)
Washington, DC
(the 9:30 club)
Naples, FL
(Coffee Shop)
Lincoln, NE
(Recycled Sounds)
Rapid City, SD
(Art Alley)
Tangier, Morocco
Orlanda, FL
Allentown, PA
(Farmer's Market)
Houston, TX
Oahu, HI
(Waikiki Beach)
Boston, MA
Hamden, CT
(Replay Records)
Iowa City, IA
Mexico City, Mexico
(El Angel de la Independencia)
Santa Fe, NM
(Collected Works Bookstore)
Iowa City, IA
(Englert Theater)
Hays, KS
(Buffalo Bill Statue)
Hempsted, NY
(The Witches Brew)
The Grind
(Girdwood, AK)
Austin, TX
(Driskil Hotel)
Paris, France
(Eiffel Tower)
Traverse City, MI
(Shine Cafe)
Las Vegas, NV
(The Excalibir)
New York, NY
(Grand Central Station)
New York, NY
(Penn Station)
Belgrade, Serbia
Asheville, NC
(Voltage Records)
Boulder, CO
(Albums on the Hill)
Brattleboro, VT
(In The Moment Records)
New Haven, CT
(Yale University)
Tulsa, OK
(Gypsy Coffee House)
Longmont, CO
(Absolute Vinyl)
Salida, Colorado
(Simple Hostel & Lodge)
Tulsa, OK
(The Center of the Universe)
Key West, FL
(Keys Coffee)
Granada, Spain
(Minuit Pan & Coffee)
Iowa City, IA
(Donnolleys Pub)
Munich, Germany
(Marienplatz Glokenspeil)
Pharmacy Records
(Greenville, SC)
London, UK
(The Prince Arthur Pub)
Reykjavik, Iceland
Saint Paul, MN
(Eclipse Records)
Crested Butte, CO
(The Gronk)
Paris, France
(DeGaulle Airport)
Asheville, NC
(The Funkatorium)
Tulsa, OK
(The Philbrook Museum)
Durango, CO
(Southwest Sounds)
London, UK
(221B Baker Street)